Blossoming Floral Trend

Spring is in! And this means florals and colours! Although its still quite chilly in Perth West Australia, it was finally time for me to get in the mix.   One of the biggest happening trend this season – “the floral jeans/ 7/8’s and pants.   It was a sudden urge ‘buy floral pants’ off I went searching for the right floral pant, as I visit shop to shop, I suddenly realised this was harder than I thought.  WHY?! Its all about the RIGHT print: 

1.  to suit me;
2. a print that flatters me;  and of course 
3. as a smart shopper something that I can already match to my existing wardrobe.  

As I venture  further in the journey of the infectious trend – with my lunch break almost ending… I stumbled upon Dotti and here is where I found 3 types of print that I can potentially add to my collection.  And the verdict- it was a tough choice, between a green and black print or this (you will see below), I couldn’t decide.   The sales consultant suggests “buy both! you can always refund the other one  when you decide”.  A very tempting idea, but knowing me I would not return. Reasonably price at $59.95 I could afford to buy both- but.. I MUST practice discipline. 

I had to choose. And I have to say I am very content with my choice. .. however I may return to purchase the other print.  

I decided to style the print with colour rather than neutrals- even though it may have been quite bright for the office. WHO CARES ITS SPRING, blossom baby!



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